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who we are

A distinct alternative to traditional private equity.

We know that great success comes from hard work and perseverance. We also know that building software and solutions takes years of commitment and development to meet the needs of demanding clients. At a certain point, companies reach a watershed moment and are in need of change: It’s your decisions that are setting the future path of the firm. everfield is a long-term investor and accelerator for established software companies. We are the ignition you need to let your ideas flourish in an everchanging world. Our holistic best practices, strong network and quick decision making will help you to grow while having deep financial backup. everfield and its sister organisations are operating and managing over 80 vertical software companies – proving our business model and ensuring your success as part of our team.

Our core principles:

Integrity is the compass that drives all our decision making. It’s the core principle of our day-to-day actions – allowing you to trust us.

We move fast. From the acquisition, working with you to decide upon a strategy, and executing our decisions, we don’t let things get bogged down in bureaucracy.

We keep improving to move ever beyond: We’re curious about companies, their people, and story.

Experimentation, record keeping, and analysis all result in best practices that we want to share with everyone who may benefit from this new knowledge.

our network

Owners trust us, globally.

Alongside our sister companies, everfield forms a growing network of software companies based in the EU.

software companies
of revenue
our offer

For Software Entrepreneurs.

We believe in the outstanding advantages our network and investment entail for entrepreneurs and their employees: We are interested in everlasting partnerships that will further enhance the success story you and your team began. Our approach allows you to preserve your legacy, find a successor, expand your business, enrich & empower your existing team, and/or secure personal financial freedom – at whatever stage you are at. We are a truly long-term partner, able to offer owners a fair, transparent, and sustainable way of moving to the next level. Connect with us and get to know more.

Our approach in just three words.
Our Acquisitions

Explore our Portfolio.

about us

Meet our team.

Our vision is to grow and innovate an everlasting network of autonomous vertically focussed B2B software companies. Our approach and proven experience allow you to accelerate leadership in your industry. We are looking forward to continuing your success story – alongside the people who made it happen with you.

Scott Saklad

Chief Executive Officer

Franklin Hagel


Henning Schreiber


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